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Graphic: WPTZ's Champlain 2000

More Weekly Segments

NOTE: These pages are no longer updated, since Champlain 2000 is no longer a series. We apologize for any broken links.

Please check out WPTZ's latest news series, Champlain Connection!

Special Reports
Nine half-hour special reports aired on Champlain 2000. These specials provided an in-depth look at many of the important issues, programs and people covered in the weekly Champlain 2000 series, which aired on Monday's 6 o'clock evening news between May 1999 and September 2004. The specials were made possible through sponsorship by Key Bank.

Champlain 2000 Special Reports are an excellent resource for teachers and communities. The LCBP and WPTZ distributed many of these videos to schools and libraries in the Lake Champlain Basin, free of charge. We still have some videos left. Contact the LCBP to request or borrow a copy.

Special Report Videos Available:

1. Progress and Promise
Date Aired: December 17, 1999
Topics Covered: Mercury Reduction, Sea Lamprey, Water Chestnuts, Underwater Survey

2. Changing Currents
Date Aired: April 10, 2000
Topics Covered: Grand Isle Ferry/Bridge Issue, Alburg Bridge, Water Chestnuts, Urban Runoff/Nonpoint Source Pollution, Lake Champlain Basin Science Center

3. Celebrating the Lake
Date Aired: July 13, 2000
Topics Covered: Sailing with Louis Charboneau, Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail, Fishing Derby (Sea Lamprey, Cormorants), Lake Champlain History (Fort Ticonderoga, Mt. Independence, Maritime Museum)

4. Target Mercury
Date Aired: December 13, 2000
Topics Covered: Focuses on mercury sources and collection/reduction programs in the Basin.

5. The Best Defense
Date Aired: July 24, 2001
Topics Covered: Treating Milfoil with Sonar, Purple Loosestrife, Outboard Boat Engines, Household Pollution Prevention, Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail

6. Common Ground
Date Aired: December 13, 2001
Topics Covered: Cell Phone Towers, Champion Lands, Shearer Chevrolet Wastewater Treatment, Heritage Trails

7. History's Highway
Date Aired: August 8, 2002
Topics Covered: Lake Champlain History, Underwater Preserves (Shipwrecks), Burlington Schooner Project, Lake Commerce and Transportation

8. Awesome Science
Date Aired: May 29, 2003
Topics Covered: An exciting preview of ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain with Tom Messner and Thom Hallock.

9. Life's Basic Needs
Date Aired: December, 2004
Topics Covered: Natural resource isses such as alternative energy.

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