Video: Future Landscape Change on the Burlington, Vermont waterfront

In February 2013, more than 40 educators braved a winter storm to attend a CBEI workshop focused on landscape change on the Burlington, Vermont waterfront. One of the goals of the workshop was to model appropriate and vibrant use of technology in watershed studies. Four breakout groups explored technologies ranging from GPS and Google mapping to video production.

Six educators and CBEI partners produced the following video, with the aim of recording opinions on possible future uses of the Burlington waterfront, particularly the redevelopment of the Moran Plant and “north 40″ property. The group crafted questions, conducted interviews, and produced the video in a little over two hours. A couple of hours of work after the conference went into additional editing. The video was produced using an iPhone and Canon Rebel T3i for filming and Microsoft Movie Maker and Audacity for editing (see the WEC Shared Resources Wiki for more video production tools).


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