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To learn more about critical issues in  the Lake Champlain Basin, check out our fact sheet series below.

Zebra and Quagga Mussel
Fact Sheet #1

Nonpoint Source Pollution
Fact Sheet #2

The Basin
Fact Sheet #3

Fact Sheet #4

Historic Sites on Lake Champlain
Fact Sheet #5

Boating to Lake Champlain’s State Parks and Historic Villages
Fact Sheet #6

Urban Runoff Posters

lawn fertilizer poster

Urban and suburban sources of polluted runoff are serious issues facing Lake Champlain. However, getting this message across doesn’t have to be dull! This poster series uses humorous images to illustrate four common sources of polluted runoff: excess phosphorus from fertilizers; leaking oil from cars; pet waste; and runoff from washing cars. The posters are intended for municipalities, schools, business, not-for-profits, and individuals interested in spreading the word about pollution prevention.

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How to Order

The posters are available in two sizes: 10″x17″ and 15″x26.” The first set is FREE if picked up at the Lake Champlain Basin Program offices in Grand Isle, VT. Otherwise there is a $4.00 mailing fee. To order posters call the Lake Champlain Basin Program at (800) 468-5227 or (802) 372-3213 or send us an email.

How to Adapt These Posters to Your Watershed

The Lake Champlain Basin Program thanks the Washington State Department of Ecology, King County and the cities of Bellevue, Seattle and Tacoma for letting the LCBP adapt the poster designs to the Lake Champlain Basin. The posters are available for use in other watersheds as well. For more information visit the Puget Sound Action Team website. Or, contact the Washington State Department of Ecology by e-mailing mknackstedt@psat.wa.gov or calling (360) 407-7336.

Other Fact Sheets & Brochures

Mercury and PCBs in Lake Champlain

Aquatic Invaders of the Lake Champlain Basin

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