The LCBP’s video collection includes projects developed by the Program as well as partner productions created with the support of LCBP grants or as part of project contracts. We have developed several series of videos that highlight particular themes as well as a number of stand-alone videos. Additional video content is available on the LCBP YouTube channel.

Video Series

Diving In

The Diving In series highlights the many ways that citizens are learning about and helping to protect water quality and habitat in the Lake Champlain Basin.

Clean Water Commitment

The Clean Water Commitment series explains why phosphorus is a problem, what the phosphorus TMDL is, and how people working to achieve its goals.

Bringing Back Salmon

The Bringing Back Salmon series chronicles Atlantic salmon restoration efforts in the Lake Champlain Basin.

Meet the Scientist

The Meet the Scientist video series showcases the work of multiple scientists studying aspects of Lake Champlain.

More Videos

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