Education Materials and Resources

Student art displayed at World Water Day.
The LCBP offers a variety of resources for student and teacher projects. Photo: LCBP

WatershED Matters

This website for educators features guidance for curriculum design, service learning, and professional development as well as subject matter content about water quality issues in the Basin and beyond.
Visit the WatershED Matters website

Lake Champlain Basin Atlas

From history to phosphorus to zebra mussels, you’ll find lots of information in the Lake Champlain Basin Atlas. The atlas contains more than 40 full-color maps, articles, photographs, and a glossary.
Visit the Lake Champlain Basin Atlas

World Lakes

Follow ECHO’s mascot NEWTon as he visits the world’s lakes! Science, math, language arts, and social studies are covered in these materials for grades 5-8.
Discover World Lakes

Online Education Resources

A variety of websites provide watershed, conservation and heritage education tools and resources that can be used for remote learning. These sites feature videos, webinars and activities for teachers, students and families. Browse Online Resources

Other LCBP Materials

The LCBP website includes a number of reports, publications, and outreach materials that are useful resources for educators and students. These include:

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