World Lakes

ECHO’S NEWTon Takes a Spin: Lake Champlain to the World’s Lakes!

Follow NEWTon—the mascot of ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake  Champlain—as he visits the world’s lakes! NEWTon, a red-spotted newt native to the Lake Champlain Basin, learns a lot about world lakes through his travels. Share in his journey through pictures and activities in four subject areas: science, math, language arts, and social studies. This series was created through a partnership among LakeNet, ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain and the LCBP.

Grade Level: Middle school grades 5-8

Materials: Contact the LCBP to receive FREE color copies for your classroom or homeschool group.

Additional Materials: More information about world lakes is available at the Lake Champlain Basin Program Resource Room at ECHO (call 802-864-1848 ext. 109 for more information).

This project was funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency New England. It is intended to help educators broaden their students’ knowledge of freshwater issues around the world.

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