Data & Monitoring

Data collected over the last two decades helps guide management of Lake Champlain. Photo: LCBP

Good environmental data is critical to implementing the management plan Opportunities for Action. Since 1992, the Lake Champlain Basin Program has provided funding for the Long-term Monitoring Program on Lake Champlain, and has supported a variety of other programs—including monitoring for cyanobacteria, bacteria at beaches, and toxins in fish tissue—that protect human health and environmental quality.

Monitoring Programs

The Long-term Monitoring Program and other past programs serve as the basis for management decisions throughout the Basin. More about monitoring programs →

Lake & Watershed Data

An increasing volume of data is generated each year. The LCBP strives to make as much of this data available as possible. Get lake & watershed data →

Lake Bottom Data

Sidescan sonar and CHIRP data have provided an unprecedented view of the lake bottom, underwater features, and sub-bottom stratigraphy. Learn about Lake Bottom data →

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