Each year, the LCBP produces a variety of publications and reports about the Lake Champlain Basin. These publications are the results of the many grants, research projects, and outreach initiatives supported by the LCBP. Many of the publications found here also are available in the LCBP’s Resource Room at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington, Vermont.

Recent Publications

Read the most recent publications about the Lake Champlain Basin’s natural and cultural resources, published by the Basin Program, federal and state agencies, and other partners. More →

Opportunities for Action

The management plan Opportunities for Action guides LCBP’s efforts to protect the Basin’s water quality and natural resources. First published in 1996, the document is now a paperless, dynamic plan. More →

Annual Report of Activities

Each year, the LCBP publishes a report of activities to share the program’s work during the previous fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). More →

Technical Reports

LCBP’s Technical Reports document the results of the critical scientific research and monitoring that forms the basis of  resource management in the Lake Champlain Basin. More →

Publications Database

Our collection includes brochures, newsletters, posters, technical reports, and more. Most publications are free or at cost. All are included in the Publications Database. More →

State of the Lake

The State of the Lake Report, published every several years, provides a comprehensive review of the health of the Lake and the Basin. Available as a print document, and now online. More →

Outreach Materials

The LCBP’s Fact Sheet Series summarize and provide additional resources related to many issues in the Basin, from aquatic invasive species to historic sites on the Lake. More →

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