Opportunities for Action

Management Plan

Opportunities for Action (OFA) is a plan for managing the Lake Champlain watershed. It is a strategic planning tool used to coordinate the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders as represented on the Lake Champlain Steering Committee. The Steering Committee develops the LCBP’s annual budget and guides its work to improve and restore water quality and ecosystem integrity.

The 2017 version of OFA is its fourth iteration. Conditions and issues have continued to change since the Plan was first endorsed by the governors of New York and Vermont and the regional administrators of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1996. Progress has been made in many areas, and priorities for action have evolved to reflect the dynamic nature of human interactions in a complex ecosystem. Like previous updates in 2003 and 2010, the 2017 version addresses the latest challenges and opportunities related to nutrient loading, aquatic invasive species, habitat conservation, cultural heritage preservation, and other issues. As with past versions, the 2017 plan also includes a letter of support from Québec demonstrating Québec’s commitment to Lake Champlain management efforts. Français | English

Opportunities for Action 2017 lays out objectives and strategies to address four goals that are the core of the LCBP’s work: Clean Water, Healthy Ecosystems, Thriving Communities, and an Informed and Involved Public. It also includes task areas for each goal that represent priorities for action going forward. Specific tasks are identified and supported through the LCBP’s annual budget process.

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