Citizens Advisory Committees

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The Citizens Advisory Committees (CACs) in New York, Quebec, and Vermont were created initially by the Steering Committee. The CACs make recommendations on the condition and management of Lake Champlain to the Steering Committee. The New York CAC has fourteen members appointed by the Commissioner of NYSDEC; the Vermont CAC has fourteen members appointed by the Governor and the Legislature; and the Québec CAC has 13 members appointed by their respective municipal, agricultural, economic, environmental, or community organizations. The CACs serve the following roles in implementing Opportunities for Action:

  • provide a forum for citizens, interest groups, and local governments to discuss Lake issues;
  • distribute funds to community based projects through LCBP Partnership Program grants;
  • advise the Steering Committee about public concerns;
  • link the Steering Committee to state legislative bodies and local groups;
  • make recommendations to the Steering Committee about Plan priorities;
  • encourage agencies to follow through with their commitments to the Plan.

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