Stewardship Videos

Precision Agriculture

Photo: Farmer’s Watershed Alliance

The Franklin and Grand Isle Farmer’s Watershed Alliance (FWA) produced a series of videos to demonstrate how farmers are using precision agriculture technologies to manage impact to natural resources and maximize return on investment. These technologies allow farmers to plant seeds, apply fertilizer, apply manure, harvest crops, and produce feed for livestock with a high degree of accuracy while recording valuable data. The filming was completed on private land with the participation of member farmers in Franklin County, Vermont, a critical source watershed.
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Stormwater Management for Property Owners

Photo: Northwest Regional Planning Commission

The Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) created this educational video series to increase community awareness on the impacts that stormwater runoff has on both urban and rural landscapes. It aims to educate communities in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties on ways they can take action at home that will positively impact the health of Vermont’s waterways by reducing sedimentation and phosphorus loading. The videos provide background information, step-by-step exercises, and tools that landowners can use.
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