Grantee Toolkit

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If your organization is interested in applying to or has been awarded a LCBP grant opportunity or Request for Proposal, check out these tools and templates to help guide you through the process. 

*  If you have received a grant from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership, please visit the CVNHP website for templates and forms for this program.  

Life of A Grant
Grant Writing Resources
Grant Award Contract Process Documents
LCBP Grant Award Reporting Forms and Documents


LCBP grant funds are allocated by the Lake Champlain Steering Committee and grant contracts are administered by LCBP/NEIWPCC. NEIWPCC manages the financial, contractual, and human resource business operations for the LCBP on behalf of the Lake Champlain Steering Committee. 

LCBP staff serve as the primary point of contact for all LCBP grant recipients. Please contact your LCBP Project Officer  with questions about grant contracting and reporting. 

Learn more: Life of an LCBP Grant
LCBP Conflicts of Interest Guidelines (the review of all grants and RFPs is subject to these guidelines) 
EPA Subaward Policy Appendix A: Distinctions Between Subrecipients and Contractors  


The LCBP hosted a grant writing workshop for watershed organizations and other local partners in September 2020. Resources from that workshop are included here. 

Grant Writing Workshop, Session 1 
PowerPoint Presentation: The Science and Art of Grant Writing 
Video Recording 

Grant Writing Workshop, Session 3 
PowerPoint Presentation: Guidance on Grant Opportunities 
Video Recording 

Other Helpful Resources
Value of Volunteer Time (please see full report link on page for state specific rates)

As always, please contact us with questions about your grant application. 


If your grant application has been awarded funding, please review this list of resources along with the details of your grant award letter.  

Workplan Template updated August 2022
Project Metrics Guidance
Grants Budget Calculator Spreadsheet 
DUNS/UEI Numbers
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Form 
NEIWPCC’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement
Indirect Cost Policy 
Subrecipient Risk Assessment Form (required for EPA-funded grants only)  
Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Information (your grant award letter will specify if a QAPP is needed for your project)
LCBP Task Table Template

Grant Templates


All LCBP grants are required to submit quarterly reports throughout the duration of their contract with LCBP/NEIWPCC. A final report is also required. Our task-based invoicing policy requires tasks to be 100% complete (as described in your approved workplan and LCBP/NEIWPCC grant contract) before submitting an invoice. All quarterly reports, invoices, funding match-certifications, and final reports must use the templates below.  

Quarterly Report Template
Invoice Template
Match-Certification Form Template
Final Report Template
EPA Subrecipient Final Certification Form (required for EPA-funded grants only)
Project Metrics Guidance

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