Install a Rain Barrel

rain barrel
A downspout directed to a rain barrel

Installing a rain barrel at the end of your downspout will allow you to store rain water for later use. Stored water can be used for watering your lawn or garden, or washing cars. The cost of a pre-made rain barrel usually starts at $60. Though this initial cost may seem high, you will save money on your water bill over time by using the stored water.

Rain barrels are covered with a mesh screen so they don’t become mosquito habitat and are available at local hardware and garden supply stores. (See below for a list).

Some people prefer to save money by making their own rain barrels using recycled materials. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation periodically runs workshops on rain barrel building and rain barrel painting. Sometimes they will make rain barrels available at reduced prices.

Ace Hardware
Aubuchon Hardware
Gardener’s Supply
Home Depot
Jack’s Recycled Barrels


To add your company to the list of rain barrel suppliers contact the South Burlington Stormwater Superintendent, at


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