Thriving Communities

GOAL: Communities have an appreciation of natural and cultural resources, and the capacity to implement actions that will result in sound stewardship of these resources while maintaining strong local economies.

Communities that thrive economically and socially and have the capacity to take action on environmental issues are cornerstones of healthy watersheds. Citizens throughout the Basin are working to create and maintain a culture of clean water. Their strong sense of place and stewardship ethic are helping to protect and improve access to natural and cultural resources. The work of municipalities, conservation districts, and local watershed organizations to improve water quality and habitat has also made them better prepared for climate change and flood hazards.

Community Engagement

Local organizations that can embrace human, financial, and technical resources are the most successful at protecting their local waterways. Learn more

Tailor at Fort Ticonderoga

Cultural Heritage

The history of communities in the Basin is tied directly to Lake Champlain and its tributaries, and is engrained in their identity and character. Learn more

Flood Resilience

Communities that are prepared to absorb flood waters will withstand and recover from their impacts and will be safer and support clean water. Learn more

Angler and dog fishing from canoe


The Basin’s recreation resources support health and well-being, contribute to local economies, and forge connections to its land and waters. Learn more

Climate Change Adaptation

Communities that adjust their natural and cultural systems to respond to more frequent extreme weather events will be more resilient to their impacts. Learn more

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