Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee

The Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee (HAPAC) was established to provide implementation advice to the LCBP Steering Committee and staff on cultural heritage and recreation matters. Committee members are appointed by the LCBP Steering Committee, not as stakeholder representatives, but rather as individual professionals with expertise needed to advise on implementation of the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP) Management Plan.  Specific functions of the HAPAC include:

  • Presenting the CVNHP staff and the Steering Committee with sound advice concerning cultural heritage and recreational initiatives to be used in its decision-making process;
  • Advising the Steering Committee about emerging issues, related management implications, and research or actions needed to address those issues;
  • Advising the Steering Committee and staff regarding opportunities for trans-boundary partnerships, key partnerships, and cooperative projects both within the CVNHP and with adjacent areas; and
  • Assessing the technical merit of LCBP/CVNHP-funded cultural heritage and recreation proposals, workplans, studies, and reports when requested.

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