Art & Clean Water

Piece from Wool & Water Virtual Exhibit entitled Cuyahoga representing the legacy of the Clean Water Act and other water quality protection efforts as told through the story of the Cuyahoga River.
Piece by by Michale Glennon. Photo by Teya Shrady.

Inform, Involve, Inspire  

In American history, artists were the vanguard of environmental stewardship. Thomas Cole, the father of the Hudson River School, believed that art was an agent of transformation. He and other painters brought to life landscapes that inspired. Great paintings—from the Adirondacks to Yosemite—created a sense of awe and an urgency to protect beautiful, fragile, and threatened places. 

Artists continue to inspire and inform us about the environment and our natural heritage. In recent years, the LCBP has supported and engaged in a variety of initiatives that involve artists of all ages in projects that use scientific data and historical records to interpret the lake environment, cultural heritage, or social concerns using a variety of creative media. 

BluSeed Studio Project

BluSeed Studio worked with Paul Smith's College on a project that drew on the creative and communicative powers of art to interpret water quality issues.


The Artist-In-Residence program recruits artists to use scientific data, cultural trends, or historical facts to interpret natural resources in the Lake Champlain Basin.

Patrick Leahy Photo Contest

In recognition of Senator Leahy’s commitment to Lake Champlain, the LCBP held a photo contest based on categories in LCBP's Opportunities for Action.

Aquatic Invasive Species Sail

The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center teamed up with local artist Nikki Laxar to showcase this message in striking fashion on a 420 sailing dinghy.

Wool & Water Fiber Art

This project blends fiber art with scientific data to create visual representations of changing water quality conditions in the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain Basin.

World Water Day

The Champlain Basin Education Initiative hosts an annual celebration where student photos, artwork, maps, and videos are shared with the broader community.

cARTography with MollyMaps

Artist and cartographer Molly Brown led two workshops to explore our relationship with place. After a kayak trip, participants captured their ideas with pen & watercolor.

Celebrating Art & Water

Flynn Elementary students worked with Generator Makerspace to create laser-cut wood panel mosaics that reflected favorite elements of their natural world.

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