LCBP Committees


The Lake Champlain Basin Program’s efforts are guided by the Lake Champlain Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is advised by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), an Education and Outreach Advisory Committee, a Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee, and Citizens Advisory Committees in New York, Vermont, and Québec. Committee meetings are open to the public; view the LCBP Meetings schedule and list of LCBP Committee members.

Lake Champlain Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as forum for information exchange and a mechanism to coordinate state and provincial policies and programs. Created by the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation on the Management of Lake Champlain in 1988, it is the only formal, international, tri-party, government-based institution currently focused on Lake Champlain. More

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of professionals from academia, management agencies, and others. The TAC was appointed by the Steering Committee. More

Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee

The Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee (HAPAC) was established to provide implementation advice to the LCBP Steering Committee and staff on cultural heritage and recreation matters. More

Education and Outreach Committee

The Education and Outreach Committee is comprised of professionals from educational institutions, representatives of partner agencies and organizations, and members of the Citizens Advisory Committees (CACs). More

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