How We Work

As a partnership of provincial, state, and U.S. federal agencies, the LCBP brings cross-boundary and multidisciplinary leadership experience to coordinating and implementing the plan. The LCBP’s work is guided by the management plan Opportunities for Action. We work with program partnersadvisory committees, and local communities to implement this plan through a variety of federal, state, and local funds.


The LCBP is administered jointly by several state and federal agencies to achieve the goal of the 1990 Lake Champlain Special Designation Act. Subsequent MOUs govern the roles of partner agencies and the process for coordination of the Lake Champlain Steering Committee, which oversees the activities of the LCBP. More


LCBP Committees

The Lake Champlain Steering Committee is advised by a Technical Advisory Committee, an Education and Outreach Advisory Committee, and a Heritage Area Program Advisory Committee. More

Key Functions & Management Themes

Management of the Basin’s resources is based on consistent, high-quality data and current scientific knowledge that is developed by a diverse array partners. OFA identifies the LCBP’s key functions and several management themes that embody this approach. More

Management Plan

Opportunities for Action (OFA) is used to coordinate the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders as represented on the Lake Champlain Steering Committee. OFA‘s four goals form the core of the LCBP’s work: Clean Water, Healthy Ecosystems, Thriving Communities, and an Informed and Involved Public.  More

Citizens Advisory Committees

Citizens Advisory Committees in Vermont, New York and Québec provide a forum for public discussion of Lake Champlain issues and advise the Steering Committee about public concerns. More


The LCBP regularly convenes the Lake Champlain Steering Committee and meetings of its other advisory committees. These meetings are open to the public. They are listed here and included in the LCBP events calendar. More

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