LCBP Launches Science Blog

The LCBP has launched a new science blog to make it easier for partners and stakeholders to learn about LCBP supported research and apply its findings to their own work. Each post will include bullets points with key findings, a short summary description of the work, and links to additional resources that provide greater detail.

With the guidance of its Technical Advisory Committee, the LCBP funds several research projects each year that inform management decisions in the Basin and help to improve water quality and habitat. These projects have resulted in a substantial body of research since 1991 that is available in more than 100 technical and demonstration reports on the LCBP website.

Though well documented, the outcomes of the projects are not always easy to find and the reports that contain them can be daunting to even the most knowledgeable scientists. The new blog will bring the results of new projects to readers rather than requiring readers to seek them out.

Visit the LCBP Science Blog

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