A zip folder containing module tools for Bridge and Culvert Geomorphic-Engineering Design training.

A zip folder of the training tools contained in the module on Floodplain Restoration.

A zip folder of training education module tools on Channel Stabilization.

A zip folder of training education module tools on Sediment and Large Wood Removal.

This project has addressed important gaps in understanding the extent to which restored riparian wetlands will serve as a P sink in the LCB, corresponding to Strategies I.A.1.c (Increase understanding of factors affecting BMP performance and efficiency) and I.C.1.b (Fund programs to protect or enhance river corridors for nutrient reduction and flood resilience) within the LCBP 2017 Opportunities for Action. Outputs from this project can aid the refinement of wetland restoration efforts, resulting in efficient use of state and non-profit resources to reduce P loading to Lake Champlain.

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