About the Basin

Rich in history, Beautiful by Nature

Lake Champlain is at the heart of a region with a rich natural and cultural heritage and a strong sense of place. Draining more than 8,000 square miles of mountains, farmlands, and vibrant communities, the Lake ties diverse ecosystems and natural communities. These natural assets have sustained the Basin’s inhabitants for centuries, and the Lake has been central to the region’s history. Today, it binds two nations and three “states,” continuing to provide sustenance—as well as inspiration and rejuvenation—for residents and visitors.

A Vibrant Region

From lakeshore to mountain summit, the Basin offers a unique tapestry of natural and cultural landscapes. More

Fort Ticonderoga reenactmentHistory

Take a trip through 600 million years of history with our timeline of the Lake Champlain Basin.

Basin Facts

At 120 miles long, up to 400 feet deep and 12 miles across, the Lake is full of interesting facts.

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