Clean Water

The diverse ecosystems, working
landscapes, and vibrant communities
that inspire and sustain us depend on
clean water. Learn about pollution
reduction strategies.

Healthy Habitats
Connect Us All

Lakeshores, stream banks, and wetlands are critical to clean
water and biodiversity. Learn about efforts to improve
habitat connectivity in the Basin ecosystem.

We Care for
What We Know

Recreation fosters stewardship of the Basin’s rich
natural and cultural heritage by connecting people
to the landscape while supporting local economies.
Learn about ways to explore the Basin.

Informed Citizens
Make Wiser Choices

Citizens who have an understanding and
appreciation of water resources make informed
choices about actions that might contribute to
pollution. Learn about education programs.

    About Us

    Did You Know?

    The deepest spot in Lake Champlain is 400 ft. (122 meters) deep, located in the area between Charlotte, Vermont and Essex, New York. The average lake depth is 64 ft. (19.5 meters).
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    LCBP Staff

    Grand Isle Office

    Eric Howe
    Program Director
    (802) 372-3213

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    Eric became the Director of the Lake Champlain Basin Program and Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership in 2016. Eric joined the LCBP in 2009 as the Technical Coordinator, where he managed LCBP-funded research projects and coordinated the LCBP Technical Advisory Committee. He holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and an M.S. degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from the University of Vermont, and undergraduate degrees in environmental biology and ecology from SUNY-Environmental Science and Forestry and Paul Smith’s College. His research experience includes examining the effects of shoreline development on the quality of shallow-water habitat in Vermont’s inland lakes and ponds, sea lamprey management in Lake Champlain, acid deposition on numerous Adirondack ponds, aquatic plant management, and extensive water quality monitoring experience in New York and Vermont. Eric lives in Williston, VT with his wife, two children, and a dog where he is an avid gardener and explores the art of freestyle cooking. Eric is also a member of the Williston Conservation Commission.

    Jim BranganJim Brangan
    Cultural Heritage and Recreation Coordinator
    (802) 372-0213

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    As the Cultural Heritage and Recreation Coordinator for the Lake Champlain Basin Program, Jim Brangan’s work focuses on facilitating cooperation between Vermonters, New Yorkers and Quebecers on efforts that improve appreciation of the natural and cultural resources of Lake Champlain. His work includes the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial, the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership, scenic byways, Lake Champlain Bikeways, and developing interpretation of all sorts. Jim’s path to the Champlain Valley led him though West Virginia, Idaho, Montana, and Connecticut. Some of his previous experience includes serving as a wilderness/snow ranger in the Clearwater National Forest, developing interpretive programs/exhibits and establishing partnerships for the Monongahela National Forest’s Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, and working as a regional planner in Chittenden County. He lives in Shelburne with his wife and two sons.

    Phil Brett
    Boat Launch Steward & Data Manager
    (802) 372-3213

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    Phil works as a data manager and Boat Launch Steward with the Aquatic Invasive Species program, and as Resource Room Associate with the Education and Outreach program. He has a B.A. in Biology with a Coordinate Major in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont (UVM) and a B.A. in Education from Trinity College. He is presently exploring the language and culture of the Algonquian Peoples of North America, predominately the Western Abenaki and the Lenni Lenape. Phil has worked in fisheries and forestry and soils research at UVM and the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, computer modeling at the Water’s Center for System Dynamics at Trinity College, and horticultural research at Gardeners Supply. Data collection, management and analysis have been a significant part of his field biologist work. Phil lives in the New North End of Burlington with his wife Andrea and son Ian close to the waters he loves. His daughter lives in Burlington as well.

    Mae Kate CampbellMae Kate Campbell
    Technical Associate
    (802) 372-0220

    View Bio

    Mae Kate joined the Basin Program in 2020 and is excited to be working on watershed science and contributing to water quality improvement across the basin. She is earning an MS in geology at the University of Vermont and holds a BA in geology from Oberlin College. Mae Kate is interested in how an understanding of human-landscape interactions can help us solve environmental problems. She has completed research projects studying how tile drains affect erosion, and on understanding erosion in Cuba. Mae Kate lives in Burlington, she loves getting outdoors and hosting homemade pizza nights for her friends.

    Colleen HickeyColleen Hickey
    Education and Outreach Coordinator
    (802) 372-0211

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    Colleen Hickey has been conducting outreach programs within the Lake Champlain watershed in northern New York, Vermont and southern Quebec since 1991. She has focused on media outreach, school programs, educator training and public outreach programs pertaining to the watershed. Colleen received her M.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University and her B.S. in Community Development from the University of New Hampshire. She also held positions as the Communications Director for United Way of Greater Nashua and was employed as a NH regional planner.

    Kathy JarvisKathy Jarvis
    Office Manager
    (802) 372-0210

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    Kathy Jarvis has been the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for the Lake Champlain Basin Program since 1993. She acts as receptionist for the program, manages the office operations, tracks office expenses and project budgets, maintains local grant and accounting records, responds to public requests for information and gives administrative support to staff. Prior to joining the Lake Champlain Basin, she worked for the US Immigration & Naturalization Service and the US Postal Service. She is a graduate of Champlain College.

    Lauren Jenness
    Environmental Analyst
    (802) 372-0223

    View Bio

    Lauren joined the LCBP in 2019 and works with the Cultural Heritage, Education and Outreach, and Technical teams. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Environmental Studies in 2016. Her  coursework focused on the intersections of nature, culture, and justice as well as geospatial technologies. In previous work, Lauren has evaluated the effects of sea level rise on salt marsh vegetation, performed land-cover mapping and imagery analysis, and worked with volunteers to collect water quality data and install lakeshore-friendly practices on freshwater lakes. Lauren lives in Burlington with her boyfriend and enjoys being on the water and gardening.

    Myra Lawyer
    (518) 897-1387

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    Myra joined the Lake Champlain Basin Program in 2012. Based in New York State DEC’s Ray Brook office, she plays an important role in implementing LCBP’s efforts to reduce agricultural runoff in the New York portion of the Basin. A certified crop advisor and comprehensive nutrient management planner, Myra has worked as an agronomist in New York for over fifteen years. She holds an A.S. in Agronomy from Purdue University.

    Elizabeth Lee-NewmanElizabeth Lee
    Communications and Publications Associate
    (802) 372-0217

    View Bio

    Elizabeth works with the Communications and Publications Coordinator and the Education and Outreach Coordinator to promote a better understanding of the Basin. She has a degree in Human Sciences from Dawson College in Montreal. Her past experience includes work in interior and graphic design for firms in Montreal and Miami. Most recently she has worked in communications and outreach for non-profit organizations in Northwestern Vermont. She lives with her family in the Champlain Islands.

    Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell
    Communications and Publications Coordinator
    (802) 372-0212

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    Ryan coordinates development of LCBP publications, websites, and exhibits, and assists with education and outreach programs. Ryan holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut and an M.S. in Geography from Portland State University. His previous experience includes environmental permitting at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, publication management at Earthwatch Institute, online news publication as an intern at National Geographic, and outreach at the U.S. Forest Service and Oregon Geographic Alliance. Most recently he has worked in GIS at the City of South Burlington and at the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab. He lives with his family in Burlington.

    Meg ModleyMeg Modley
    Aquatic Invasive Species Management Coordinator
    (802) 372-0215

    View Bio

    As the Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for the Lake Champlain Basin Program, Meg coordinates management efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in the basin. She has worked for LCBP since 2003. Meg has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geology and a M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Vermont. Her work has included the development of a Lake Champlain Basin Aquatic Invasive Species Rapid Response Action Plan, implementing the Lake Champlain Basin Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan, supervising the Lake Champlain Boat Launch Steward Program, and working with local and regional partners on education and outreach campaigns for AIS. Meg grew up vacationing on Lake George every summer, has a great love for the outdoors, and lives in Burlington with her dog Osa.

    Pete Stangel
    Long Term Monitoring Biologist
    (802) 490-6132

    View Bio

    Pete joined LCBP in 1996 and is based at Vermont DEC in Montpelier. Pete’s responsibilities include monitoring Lake Champlain and its tributaries, collecting and analyzing aquatic samples to determine water quality, and preparing comprehensive water quality study reports. Development of the reports involves aquatic sampling and analysis, transcription and interpretation of data, compilation of material, and formation of recommendations. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Johnson State College.

    Matt VaughanMatthew Vaughan
    Technical Coordinator
    (802) 372-0216

    View Bio

    Matthew oversees scientific projects funded by the LCBP and works closely with the LCBP Technical Advisory Committee. He holds a PhD in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont, an MS in Hydrologic Sciences from UC Davis, and a BA in Physics from Middlebury College. His research focuses on the influence of land use and land cover on water quality in the Lake Champlain Basin. Matthew has a love for the outdoors, woodworking, and music. He lives with his family in the Old North End of Burlington.

    Resource Room Staff

    LCBP Resource Room

    ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
    1 College St.
    Burlington, VT 05401
    802/864-1848 ext. 109

    Laura HollowellLaura Hollowell
    Resource Room Specialist
    (802) 864-1848 ext. 109

    View Bio

    Laura Hollowell works as an information officer for the Basin Program, primarily in the Lake Champlain Resource Room within the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington, Vermont. Working with the public and with schools, she answers questions, creates exhibits, and presents educational programs. Laura has a B.A. from the University of Vermont in Environmental Studies and Political Science. She was employed for many years by the Vermont State Parks, most recently as naturalist and caretaker at Button Bay State Park on Lake Champlain. Laura has also worked as an educator with the Green Mountain Audubon Center and the California Nature Conservancy, and as a free-lance writer, artist and gardener.

    Stephanie LarkinStephanie Larkin
    Resource Room Specialist
    (802) 864-1848 ext. 109

    View Bio

    Stephanie Larkin has been working as a Lake Champlain Basin Program Resource Room Specialist since the opening of ECHO at the Leahy Center in 2003. She answers many questions pertaining to all aspects of Lake Champlain, including invasive species, lake friendly cleaning products, and historical events. A native of Vermont, she attended the University of Vermont for undergraduate studies, and then obtained a graduate degree in Education from University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to her work in the Resource Room she was a classroom teacher in VT, and also an environmental educator in various California natural areas.

    Cynthia NormanCynthia Norman
    Resource Room Specialist
    (802) 864-1848 ext. 109

    View Bio

    Cynthia Norman has a B.A. in biology from Guilford College, Greensboro, NC. She spent her early career as an educator with the National Park Service, Monteverde Friends School (Costa Rica), and New Found Harbor Marine Institute (Big Pine Key, FL). Later, she wrote articles for National Gardening magazine and handled circulation at St. Michael’s College Library, while homeschooling her daughter through high school. She enjoys canoeing wetlands, speaking Spanish and biking to work year round.

    Staff at New York State DEC Supporting the LCBP

    Fred Dunlap
    New York Lake Champlain Coordinator
    PO Box 296
    Ray Brook, NY 12977
    (518) 897-1262

    Staff at Vermont ANR Supporting the LCBP

    Sarah Coleman
    Vermont Lake Champlain Coordinator
    VT ANR
    Clean Water Initiative Program
    1 National Life Drive, Davis 3
    Montpelier, VT 05602
    (802) 272-1491

    Staff at the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change Supporting the LCBP

    Stéfanos Bitzakidis
    Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques
    Direction Régionale de la Montéregie
    201, place Charles-LeMoyne, 2e étage
    Longueuil, Québec CANADA J4K 2T5
    (450) 928-7607 x 256

    Staff at the US EPA Supporting the LCBP

    MaryJo Moubry Feuerbach
    US EPA Region 1
    US EPA New England
    5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
    Mail Code OEP06-1
    Boston, MA 02109-3912
    (617) 918-1578

    Mario Paula
    US EPA Region 2, CPEB
    290 Broadway
    New York, NY 10007
    (212) 637-3819

    What is the State of the Lake?

    What is the
    State of the Lake?

    Learn about the health of Lake Champlain in the 2018 State of the Lake report. Read about trends in key indicators of water quality and ecosystem health. Read the State of the Lake report


    Make Some Waves

    From using lake-friendly cleaning products to volunteering with a local watershed group, you can help restore and protect the Lake Champlain Basin. Find out how you can get involved

    Track Our Progress

    Track Our Progress

    Explore the goals and actions of our partners and track our progress online with the Opportunities for Action website. View Opportunities for Action

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