Stormwater Mitigation & Education

Photo: Sara Lovitz

Lewis Creek Association (in cooperation with the Lyman Meadows Condominium Association) created a concept design for stormwater treatment in the Lyman Meadows Condominiums in Hinesburg, Vermont, and made recommendations regarding flooding issues in a swale north of the buildings. This subwatershed of Hinesburg, that drains into LaPlatte River, was identified in past studies as an important area for stormwater treatment, as it has reduced river stability, habitat condition, and water quality.

The Association also served as a demonstration site for citizens and students through Lake Champlain Association’s Ahead of the Storm program. Project coordinators visited the Hinesburg Community School 6th grade twice, in October 2022 and November 2023, led in-classroom stormwater activities, presented about stormwater, and led the students on a walk around the neighborhood to map flow paths.

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