Keeler Bay Restoration

Photo: Cathy Webster

With guidance and support from the South Hero community, Grand Isle County NRCD undertook a planning project aimed at recuing phosphorus and sediment input to Keeler Bay, a popular area for recreation for visitors and residents of South Hero, Vermont.

The quality of water in Keeler Bay affects everyone who lives nearby in some way or another. Unfortunately, the bay faces excess phosphorus and invasive aquatic vegetation. Through the technical framework of the Department of Environmental Conservation Lake Watershed Action Plan, Grand Isle County NRCD identified 25 potential clean water projects that range from shoreline bioengineering practices, buffer plantings, wetland restoration, and green stormwater infrastructure. These projects were prioritized based on water quality benefits, project feasibility, maintenance requirements, costs, and any additional benefits. For larger scale projects of greater engineering complexity, NRCD will create designs that position projects closer to implementation. With landowner commitment, these projects will be well suited for funding opportunities.  

The assessment was further enhanced by a series of two educational events and three presentations that actively engaged the community. These events aimed to increase awareness and understanding of how our actions on land directly influence the bay. By providing valuable knowledge and tools, the community was empowered to actively pursue solutions and play a proactive role in safeguarding the bay’s health. 

Read the Keeler Bay Action Plan here.

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