Maritime Trades Internship

During the summer of 2023, the Fort Ticonderoga Association hired a Maritime Trades Intern who developed skills in sail making, rigging, and boat building. Funding was provided through the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership (CVNHP) Internship Grant program. In addition to supporting the development of maritime skills, this internship provided an opportunity for deeper understanding and interpretation of Lake Champlain’s naval history.

The maritime trades intern began in early June and received hands-on training in boat building, assisting with the cutting and joinery of bateau frames—the structure for a popular style of boat during the Revolutionary War period. The intern supported a total of 121 students and scouts in the experience of rowing a bateau together on Lake Champlain. The intern was also trained in sewing, layout, and cutting, skills which they applied both to sail making and the construction of an 18th century British soldiers’ tent. To support interpretation to the public, the intern assisted in delivering 11 Maritime Artificer’s Apprentice hands-on learning programs, reaching a total of 313 students and scouts.

This internship directly supported the next generation’s knowledge of Lake Champlain maritime history and skills, ensuring that future residents will continue to be inspired by the historical and cultural significance of our region.

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