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The LCBP’s work is informed and guided by scientists across a broad range of disciplines. The expertise of these partners is critical to informing sound management decisions for the Basin’s resources. These people bring extensive experience in academia and government to the LCBP’s Committees and partnerships. While LCBP staff often are able to answer technical questions and are happy to speak to media, the scientists and resource managers who are working on their specific lake issues day-to-day often can provide the most recent objective, science-based information.

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Lori Fisher

  • Office Location: Burlington, VT
  • Affiliation: Lake Champlain Committee
  • Fields of Interest:

    Cyanobacteria Monitoring

  • Scientist Details

Tom Dipietro

  • Office Location: South Burlington, VT
  • Affiliation: City of South Burlington
  • Fields of Interest:

    Stormwater Management

  • Scientist Details

Becky Tharp

  • Office Location: Burlington, VT
  • Affiliation: Watershed Consulting Associates
  • Fields of Interest:
    • Water Quality Monitoring and Research
    • Training and Outreach
    • Technology Research and Development
  • Scientist Details

Kathleen C. Weathers

Paul C. Hanson

  • Affiliation: Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Scientist Details

Facundo Scordo

Zutao Ouyang

  • Affiliation: Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Michigan State University
  • Scientist Details

Derek C. Roberts

  • Affiliation: lDepartment of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis; UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center
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